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Please leave all overcoats,canes and top hats with the doorman (he's there>)

2nd August, 2007. 8:11 pm. Demyx story

Title: If love is blind why can I see you?
Rating: PG-13
Author: Demyx100
Disclaimer: I do not own Demyx...:(

Demyx ran through the dark underworld, desperatly trying to escape the three headed dog chasing him.

Normally he would of just portalled away, but the dog had injured him so badly he was too weak to portal any further than a few feet. As he ran, he could slowly feel himself getting weaker, slowing with each step. Just as he was about to give up completly and sink down, someone grabbed him by the elbow and pulled him into a small side passage. Thankfully the passage was too small for the three headed dog to enter, Demyx was safe.

He heaved a sigh of relief and sank down, his intire body shuddering from weariness. "Thank you...." He gasped. "For...Saving me..."

For a few moments he just lay there with his eyes closed, he could feel the soft material of the clothes they were wearing beneath him. Slowly his bright green eyes opened to gaze up at the person who had saved him.

It was a female, with deep brown eyes that were outlined in purple and light brown hair that was tugged into a bunch at the side but with the rest of her hair down. She was garbed in a white dress with a blue waist coat.

"It's ok." She smiled sweetly at him.

"My name's Demyx." He whispered, still weak.

"My names Lexie." She told him, her smile widening.

Demyx rolled onto his side, staring at the cold rocky wall of the Underworld. "Why are you here?"

"I was looking for someone...His name's Medy, do you know him?" Lexie replied.

Demyx frowned, the name seemed oddly familiar....Yet he couldnt quite recall where he had heard it before...

"No sorry, I dont know anyone by that name." He replied after a moment.

"Oh...Well it's ok,here let me heal your wounds." She laid her hands on his stomach and he felt a great surge of warmth go through him.

"Thanks." Demyx groggily got to his feet, leaning on the wall.

She smiled again, standing and letting him lean on her rather than the wall. "Can you walk?"

"I...I think so." He took a few stumbled steps forwards. "Do you want to come with me?" Demyx asked Lexie.

She blinked. "What would you want me for?"

"I want to help you find your friend, as a thank you for saving me." Demyx blushed a little.

Lexie however smiled happily. "Thats very kind of you!"

Slowly Demyx held a hand out to her. "Let's go then!"


Xemnas sat at his desk, sipping coffee and looking over plans for the organization. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, interupting his golden silence.

"Yes?" Xemnas called in his usual monotone voice.

"Um...Superiour, can I talk to you?" Demyx stuttered from outside.

"Come in." Was all Xemnas said in reply.

Slowly the door opened and Demyx shuffled in, a girl following.

"Who is this?" Xemnas questioned, indicating to the female.

"I'm Lexie." She whispered shyly, her eyes downcast.

"And what are you doing here?" Xemnas asked.

"I brought her Superiour, I thought she would be useful to the organization." Demyx gabbled.

"Why would she be useful?" Xemnas retorted.

Demyx looked at Lexie before saying. "Well she can heal people."

"And I can shapeshift." Lexie whispered.

"You can?!" Demyx asked in amazment.

She nodded and suddenly her entire appearance changed. Her brown hair became longer and turned bright pink, her deep brown eyes changing to dark blue and her white dress altering into a black one with white white underneath and black laces trailing down her legs to where she had black high heels on her feet.

"Very well Lexie, you may join Organization XIII as a back up member. Demyx, you, Axel and Roxas will train her and I want you to inform Zexion that he will be training her ability." Xemnas order, then dismissing them. "Oh and she'll have to share a room with someone."

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24th July, 2007. 4:44 pm. kadaj arific

stand corrected, cloud is not good eye candy, KADAJ IS!
say it loud and proud people, you know its true

*yawns* on a more boring note...um...Well I really dont know but boredom is kicking in with a WHOMP!

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1st July, 2007. 6:50 pm. Kadaj story

Title: The Puppet And The Princess (1/?)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I dont own Reno or his coolsome hair...:( but I DO own Lexa coz I made her up :D Oh and thanks for the banner! :D


Chapter One- Lexa


Lexa walked aimlessly down the street, clicking her heels against the ground and humming under her breath.
Her amber hair was down loose, with some of it pinned up and a black headband shoved on top of her head. Lexa's dark green eyes were outlined in black, and she was garbed in a short white dress with a black shrug and black over the knee length socks. At the back her white dress was longer, trailing down to her ankles where black dolly shoes adorned her feet.

For over three hours she'd been wandering the streets of Hallow Bastion, and she'd ended up in the "bad" district. Still, she didnt care for once she wanted adventure and excitment and...and....Fun!

She lived with her older brother Leon and...As much as she loved him, he drove her up the wall! So..Protective! Always making sure she didn't go further than he felt she should and checking up on her every hour.

Well not today! Today she was gonna do what she wanted, when she wanted....Although this part of the town....It creeped her out.

The streets were dark, with broken cobblestones and no street signs what so ever. An eerie silence was upon the streets, only the sound of her walking and humming breaking it.

Without warning she heard someone move behind her, and spun around arubtly.

There was a boy standing behind her, with messy red hair that was tied back in a ponytail. He had green eyes and a cheeky smirk on his face.

"Hey." He called, putting an arm around the back of his head.

Lexa frowned wairily. "Hello."

"Name's Reno, yours?" He replied, his cheeky grin never faltering.

"Lexa." She smiled at him softly. There was something about him that made her trust him.

Slowly Reno walked towards her, then holding a hand out to her. She smiled and shook his hand, before saying. "What are you doing in this part of town Reno?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Reno replied, grinning. "But I'll answer you, I work for Shin-ra. Maybe you've heard of them?"

Lexa gasped and nodded. "Who hasnt heard of Shin-ra!"

Reno laughed. "You've got a point. So, what are you doing here Lexa?"

She shrugged gently. "Looking round really. I've never been to this side of town."

Reno glanced around. "This place gives me the creeps."

She nodded in reply, before walking away.

"Woah Lexa, wait for me!" Reno jogged after her.

She turned to him, raising an eyebrow gracefully. "Can I help you Reno?"

"Well, you wanna come with me?" He asked.

Lexa paused, wasnt this what she wanted? Adventure and Excitment?

"Sure, I'll come." She replied eventually.

"Great! So, let's go!" Reno grabbed Lexa's hand and pulled her off into the streets. 

Lexa climbed over the wall and scrambled down the other side, pulling her skirt back into place. A moment later Reno leapt over, landing in a crumpled heap on the ground. Lexa giggled at his daft behaviour, helping the red head to his feet.

"So mr gracefull, where'd we go from here?" Lexa asked, tilting her head to one side.

"Well...It's been six hours." He yawned. "And I'm beaat."

Lexa giggled softly. "Aww didums."

"Walk ya home?" He offered his arm and grinned charmingly.

Lexa giggled again and nodded.

Reno smiled and linked his arm with hers, skipping down the street singing some random nursery rhyme. Lexa laughed and shushed him, slapping his arm playfully. As soon as she slapped him, Reno stopped and looked hurt as if she'd actually hurt him.

"So...You dont love me anymore Lexie?" He asked, putting on the voice of a little kid.

Lexa rolled her eyes and laughed. She'd known Reno less than a day, but he'd already given her a nickname. "Of course I do Ren-Ren."

He smiled brightly and continued walking, this time at a slower pace.

"Who'd ya live with?" Reno asked suddenly.

"My older brother Leon, my sister Yuffie and Cloud." Lexa answered.

"You live with Cloud? Hey, I used to know him!" Reno said, laughing.

Lexa smiled. "I like Cloud, he's a little moody at times....But generally he's a nice guy."

Reno nodded, and went to say something else when a voice called. "Lexa there you are!"

Lexa turned around and smiled. "Leon!"

Her older brother frowned, his scar creasing his skin.

"Where have you been?" His brown shaggy hair fell in front of his face slightly.

"She's been with me!" Reno chimed, smiling brightly.

Leon glared at Reno and pulled Lexa to him. "Lets go home sis."

"But- Oh fine, bye Reno!" Lexa huged Reno softly before allowing Leon to pull her away.

Once she was out of his line of sight and earshot, Reno sighed and turned around. "Come out Kadaj, I know your there."

A grinning young man emerged from the shadows. "She's perfect Reno." He whispered.

A/N: sooo, you like? Please like! I know my spelling isnt perfect..heh...

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23rd June, 2007. 1:37 pm. Final Fantasy

So yeah...Today I went out and bought Final Fantasy VII Advent Children...It's ace! Not quite finished watching it yet and my friend's cummin over so I'll have to finish it another time but....Woah, the graphics on it!
I thought the graphics on Kingdom Hearts 2 at the end were good but these...Well there amazing! 
Slight problem that it's in japaneas(sp) but oh well, that's what subtitles are for! :D
Cloud is also pretty freakin hawt, even though I am property of Demyx...Well let's face it Cloud aint bad eye candy!
Even if he does blame himself for everything including Aeriths death...
Oh wellity!

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