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Please leave all overcoats,canes and top hats with the doorman (he's there>)

welcome...now you can never leave!

17 June
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Well what can I say...I'm nuts. Seriously, I get called kind but I'm really one of the most violent people you'll meet. Well if you get on my bad side, then I'll slice your stomach open and poor leaches insides, but if were friends than I guess I CAN be pretty nice....Plus I'm accident prone, I fall over constantly, allways walk into stuff and am pretty certain that gravity is against me...So yeah not a good start.
Part from that I'm pretty random. I dance sing and act oh and write, I fight and my eyes go black if I get really pissed off, yay me!
Demyx is my boyfriend. Seriously, ask him if you dont believe me...
Demyx: Yeah sure
See! He is
Axel's my friend, isnt that right Axel?
and zexion, well he's my bit on the side you see
Zexion: *wraps arms around alice* yep!
no need to act so happy about it....